Aniakea Forward


New single worldwide release november 2023 the 17th 120 000 streams yet with my previous EP and singles Where will we go with my new single « Forward » ? This cover …

HypeRav by Aniakea

HypeRav new Single to come

HypeRav will be released the 21st of january 2023 This will be a mix of rav drum and electronic instruments The title name is a combination of Hype, Hyper and …

Aniakea FlowUp cover

Why visual counts

As i am preparing the release of my next single « Flow Up » october the 14th i am working on visuals
Why visuals and what visuals ?

Aniakea Ravania mix Spotify Canvas

Ravania mix Spotify canvas

Today music needs visual to perform That’s why Spotify created the canvas, it is a short visual animation you see when listening music So, considering my visual background as art …

Aniakea Vimeo Begins

Working on my next video

In music sound is great, images are also necessary to feel something more complete So I’m working on my next clip on Vimeo