Why visual counts

As i am preparing the release of my next single « Flow Up » october the 14th i am working on visuals

Why visuals and what visuals ?

Aniakea FlowUp cover
Aniakea FlowUp cover

Why visuals ?

As music is sound, how to make yours fans or discoverers go to your music, go to you ?

Visuals are a way to show your music.

So you have to define a visual related to your music

Visuals are also a way to work with visual artists, as i did with the talented Lydia Cañizares for the Flow Up cover. See her article on our collaboration.

What visuals ?

Here is a short list of visuals that counts for your music

  • cover of your song : used on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube music… Always use the same where ever you publish it !
  • shorts : used on Spotify canvas, Instagram, Tic-Tok, Youtube
  • Official video : usefull on platforms like Youtube Official Channel
  • Banners : on Youtube or Vimeo you have to construct your label
  • Social networks : be recognizable at a glance
Aniakea FlowUp Spotify Canvas Uploading
Aniakea FlowUp Spotify Canvas Uploading

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