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I am a musician who plays rav vast drum and handpan

Aniakea musician profile
Aniakea musician profile

Where comes the name Aniakea from ?

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my channel is available
on the main streaming platforms

You can also listen to my musicography on the « Listen » page

New video for HypeRav

Video is a huge way to share rav experience with you. It is really important for me that music allows to share something with you and with other artists through …

Spotify for artist mindmap by Aniakea

Spotify for artist : my feedback

Spotify is clearly leader in interactions between artist, listeners and streaming platform What Spotify do for you…and what you can do for it ! I decided to share with you …

HypeRav by Aniakea

HypeRav new Single to come

HypeRav will be released the 21st of january 2023 This will be a mix of rav drum and electronic instruments The title name is a combination of Hype, Hyper and …